About Scandem

Scandem offers electricity trading services on the Nordic electricity market. We are your company’s electricity trader and are driven by the desire to find each client’s optimal electricity trading solution.

En ledande och oberoende elhandlare på elmarknaden

Scandem monitors the electricity market every day – we do our utmost to find the best hedging strategy for every client. More than 20 years’ experience of electricity trading and portfolio management makes us one of the leading players on the market.

We manage 15 per cent of Sweden’s electricity consumption, monitoring Nord Pool, Nasdaq Commodities and the electricity certificate market. We also conduct strategic assessments for electricity purchasing and establish purchasing and sales strategies for our clients.

We offer services in:

  • Portfolio management
  • Customised electricity purchasing
  • Hedging strategies
  • Electricity sales
  • Trading in electricity certificates
  • Trading in emissions rights
  • Management of regulated objects and power reserve bids
  • Advisory services
  • Electricity market reports
  • Cost allocation
  • Invoice management

All of our services aim to create simpler, more profitable electricity deals for our clients.

An independent electricity trading partner

Scandem does not earn any money on your electricity price; we work for a fixed monthly fee and do not benefit from the profits of electricity trading. We believe that being an independent party, without our own interests in the market, is an important stand.

Scandem is a strategic electricity trading partner to many major industrial companies. We also work with small and medium-sized companies in industry, services, property, as well as municipalities, retail trading, electricity trading and power production.

We are motivated by satisfied clients and delivering results. In partnership with our clients, we are continually looking for improvements that can improve electricity trades.